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This event was held on 2019.07.20 (Sat).

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CURSE THE EARTH VOL.1 FT. Midnight Society
07.20 (Sat) | SOUND MUSEUM VISION, Tokyo, Japan

CURSE THE EARTH VOL.1 FT. Midnight Society

  • alarm Open 2019/07/20 (Sat) 17:00 JST / 17:00~20:30
  • date_range 2019/07/20 (Sat) 17:00 - 20:30
  • grade Hip Hop
  • labelMidnight SocietyKamiyadaOriginal GodBraxton KnightXelaJin DoggTYOSiNDreaming of ScreamingShin Holmes

昨年!Smokepurppを招き、東京に熱風をもたらしたDosingが今夏、visionにて新しいイベントCurse the Earthをスタートさせる。XXXTentacionやLilPeepで知られるトラップメタル、エモラップを独自な解釈で発展させた才能を集めて開催される今回のパーティ。日本の新たなシーンの始まり、最先端を見逃すな!

記念すべき、第一回にはインターネット上における、この分野のパイオニアとも呼べるMidnight Societyを招いた。

東京と大阪からは、国内において、この分野のパイオニアであるTYOSiNとJin Doggをブッキング。
彼らは今回Dreaming of Screaming という名の新しいプロジェクト、生演奏とラップ、ボーカルのバンドスタイルによるトラップメタルサウンドを披露する。
7月16日のEP、Dreaming of Screaming リリース後初となるライブは見逃せない。

また、サーポトアクトには同じくDosingからshin holmesが七月上旬リリース予定のソロデビューアルバムから数曲を披露する。


Dosing is back at Vision Tokyo this Summer and proud to present Curse The Earth Vol.1!
This brand new event focuses on representing a new wave of hip hop music; Trap Metal and Emo Rap.Popularized by artists such as XXXTentacion, Scarlxrd and Lil Peep, this style has recently been adapted by many, and Dosing aims to introduce and grow this sound within the Japanese scene.

For Vol.1 we are happy to introduce some key players who have helped define this sound across the internet. From America we welcome Midnight Society, A high energy collective of vocalists and producers with a huge cult following and a visceral sound.
From Tokyo and Osaka we welcome TYOSiN and Jin Dogg, local legends and pioneers of this sound in Japan.

Dosing, who have recently shifted their attention toward live vocal and instrumental music will also be making an appearance. This will be their first live appearance following the release of their highly anticipated self-titled EP on July 16th! Supporting the show will be several other talented performers, including Dosing's own Shin Holmes performing his debut album and Elena Midori on the decks among others.

Don’t miss out and come support and enjoy a new wave of music! This is not a show to sleep on! Tickets on sale now.

Midnight Society (Kamiyada, Original God, Xela, Braxton)
Jin Dogg
Dreaming of Screaming
Shin Holmes
Elena Midori
Nidra Assassin
and more…

OPEN 17:00-20:30

DOOR: ¥3000 +1D
ADV : ¥2000 +1D
U20前売り: ¥1500

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